Rapid Elman Induction to Esdaile – Demo- Ines Simpson

(extract from Simpson Protocol  On-line Training)

The reason I like to use the Elman induction is that it lets me know when the client has reached Somnambulism. Dave Elman created it to have covert testing and know what level the client was at. It is important not to miss any part of the induction.  The Elman is a process to allow you to attain Somnambulism easily and quickly. These are the original 5 points:

  1. When you have eye closure-(small muscle catalepsy)
  2. Deepeners
  3. Fractionation
  4. Picking up hand(large muscle catalepsy(flaccidity)
  5. Letting go of the numbers


Once these are accomplished you have somnambulism and must continue with some deepening to assure you have profound somnambulism.

You may notice I have one of my versions of the Elman that does not use fractionation.

Fractionation has always been considered the best deepening tool but I have found that the triple deepening, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory to work as well.

Elman also said the shorter this induction is done the better. He considered 4 minutes the maximum and suggested the doctors to accomplish it in 1 minute or so.

I also use a rapid induction when I so choose but follow it up with the back portion of the Elman (letting go of the numbers).

Beach Deepener and Somnambulism Test

This deepener or equivalent was designed to also be a somnambulism test. That is why you can easily go from the numbers to it if someone is having trouble letting the numbers go in the Elman induction. Otherwise it is still used and is a deepener and double test.


If they do not like the Beach –ask them what they like and design your own-as taught in class. For example in a field looking at clouds, in a forest or wood where they can see the sky. Use the clouds to write and lose their name
    A – B – C Deepener

Please note that I am only using 2 levels here and in Elman’s way of getting to Somnambulism he used 3. The reason for that is I wish to prove to the client that they are in hypnosis, set up the ideomotor responses and train the mind before we go to Esdaile and do that in profound somnambulism.

Proving to the client they are in Hypnosis:

Now, in order to make sure the client recognizes that they are in a deep state of somnambulism you will need to offer them a means of validation or a convincer. You do this by demonstrating for the client that they are already in hypnosis at such a deep level that they can create glove anesthesia/analgesia.  At the very least, this will clearly demonstrate for them that something is happening for them that is unusual and that they cannot easily explain away.

Training the mind to go around the data bank

Once you have set up the ideomotor responses and made sure they have become an unconscious response, it is time to work with the client while in the somnambulistic state. By now, you have already shown your client that something is going on (i.e., by demonstrating the numbness in the back of their hand ‑ as a convincer of hypnosis) and as far as he or she knows, they don’t consciously feel any differently.  Remember, no matter how good your pre‑talk is or how often you tell them that they won’t act like a zombie, or quack like a duck, on some level, they still will not completely believe you.  That is what this part of the process is all about. Now they will begin to believe you!