Online LIVE Simpson Protocol Training


Each session is approx  4 hours – with breaks of course – and it will be in the Morning for N America to allow for late afternoon for Uk/European time zones

We will use ZOOM – as it is, now the most up to date security wise platform. ‘Zoom Bombing ‘etc is only possible if the security steps are turned off. All ours will be turned on, and then the meeting locked. It is also the most versatile as we can use virtual breakout rooms for practice etc. Using Zoom has no cost to you – you just click a link we will send before the course.

As we said above , this is done Live over the internet – in real-time – practice demos everything- just as in actual feet on the ground class. And you have the benefit of doing it from the comfort of your own home – comfy chairs – feel free to raid your kitchen in the breaks – and slippers are of course – optional

And  by the mere fact of learning together in a group LIVE online – you learn how to do online sessions with clients. You will find online is a very simple process and yet I have found over the last 2 years – typically I get better outcomes online than in my chair Live. We will discuss this in the course