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Simpson Protocol Training  N America– open 24/7


Who is this training for?

This is a Comprehensive Hypnosis Therapy training. No prior experience is necessary.

It is aimed at anyone who is involved in a Therapeutic Practice or would like to be

For the experienced Practitioner, Simpson Protocol will allow you to achieve so much more, with so much less effort – both for you and your Clients

Be open to possibilities, you don’t have to believe in any particular thing, or even form any particular expectation. Come  to this Training – open to all possibilities  – and you will receive the most benefit 


Here’s how it works in 3 stages (everything included in one single payment)

1/ Begin immediately – or on your schedule.  Once Registered – we will give you access to the SP App. Online 24/7 availability to the essentials and structure of the Simpson Protocol therapy process.  Use the SP app anywhere

2/ Currently this training is with Ines Simpson  Creator of Simpson Protocol 20 plus hours LIVE online training – (info here)  

3/ Three month ongoing one-on-one Mentoring Coaching Program, to complete your SP Certification


How to Proceed

You can register for the training anytime – when you register and pay – you will immediately be taken to the first training modules with the SP app

The online training modules will give you everything you need to take full advantage of an SP LIVE online training class, (where you will practice the complete protocol and many add on modules with students in your class)

Videos on the philosophy, the structure, the Elman Induction, the complete process- demos and guides.

You will also connect with Ines Simpson on a Zoom call, or one of the other SP Trainers and will set up the schedule going forward

After the LIVE online class, you can register with any trainer to set up your 3 month Mentored One on One Certification Course – schedule to be determined by you and your Trainer

everything above included in one price $1697 USD 

For CANADA REGISTRATION please email me for pricing in Cdn


Payment Plan available at checkout

Simpson Protocol  Hypnosis Therapy