FOR SP GRADS ONLY – those who have taken  4 day training


We have changed the follow-up programs for SP Grads to make it more inclusive ( and useful)

As a person who has taken SP Live Training you now have these options


1  After the class you have access to BOTH websites – Essentials and Advanced for 2 weeks No Charge

2  After that its $27.00 a month for BOTH sites or $99.00 for 6 months

OR  if you prefer a couple of the programs only  you can buy Grad Specials here (doesnt include basic site)  



If you click the Register button below you can have 6 months of SP on-line PLUS the Advanced SP online site for $99.00.

( usual price $162 for Essentials PLUS  $150 on the Advanced Site)  save over $312.00 bucks!!


FOR SP GRADS ONLY – those who have taken 4 day training

6 month option ( save over $35.00 on every payment)

 $16.50 a month instead of $52.00 – such a deal!!




SP Online Websites

After the initial training you are given 2 weeks free on the websites then you can choose to sign up or re-sign up at any time- contact me for details

Currently, the Essentials SP Site has 7 Modules (plus constant updates) on different sessions done over the course of the last couple of years that we thought really helped in reinforcing and updating the training. There are also sections on specific parts of the SP Protocol – SP Regression, SP Chair Therapy etc that will help you in your practice. The website is updated as we discover new or interesting situations in-class practice and we want to pass on. SP is in constant evolution and we want you to see how SP and you can evolve together.

The current manual is always available here as is the Resource Module which has the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive, updated as we get more questions.

The Advanced Website – included – has 5 Advanced Modules that allow you to expand your practice and skills. Plus all updates for the Advanced programs are added free as they come up

Register below for both sites:

The Simpson Protocol - New Digital Training Site

6 month option ( save 38% on every payment)



The Simpson Protocol - New Digital Training Site