Looking forward to Spring AND these Simpson Protocol Workshops

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March Parksville, Vancouver Island     and   Calgary

April   London Ontario  and  Huddersfield, UK

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Sneak Peak inside 4 day training 

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The Simpson Protocol is a process that allows the client’s Conscious mind to relax and step aside so that the Superconscious can work freely and completely -to the benefit of the Client’s optimum outcome.

This takes the Hypnotist’s conscious mind out of the equation and allows the client’s own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client and is client-centered which empowers the client.


The key to Simpson Protocol is that the Hypnotist is able to communicate with their Client while they are in very deep states of Hypnosis (Esdaile for example) – thus accessing the most powerful parts of their mind – that always work for the Client’s ultimate good.

The Clients do their own inner work with the direction of the Hypnotist to help them resolve whatever issue that is disturbing them.

There is no need for the Client to tell you the issue. Their mind knows the issue – and that is enough for the Simpson Protocl

This takes the Hypnotist’s conscious (and judgemental) mind out of the equation and allows the client’s own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client and is client centered which empowers the client.

The Client’s own mind directs where and what will be worked on and does the work internally and privately when needed. This is a major benefit for many clients who don’t wish to expose their problems to anyone else due to privacy issues.

When I went through the two-day training ( Simpson Protocol), I could not help but think of the person with whom I had just met and I began to look at how to help him through the lens of the Protocol. I especially liked that the client would not have to relive his experiences and have to tell me about what happened. The Simpson Protocol allows all of that work to happen within the mind of the person and so the emotional trauma can be buffered in a way that can’t be done through usual regression techniques, not to mention through traditional psychotherapy.

When I returned to the office and met with the person on a Friday, I used the Simpson Protocol right down to the letter, using her helpful manual. After our session, he wasn’t sure exactly what to make of what he experienced, but he reported that he somehow felt, “lighter” although he couldn’t explain it. I checked in with him the following Monday and he reported that he was not sure exactly what happened, but he attended a good friend’s party on Saturday and it was incredible in that he was relaxed and had fun (something he couldn’t do in recent years). Further, explained that he experienced none of the anxiety he had before and even the fear was gone. He didn’t think he could ever get back to the person he used to be, but there he was. He thanked my profusely and sincerely and I was so happy that I could help him thanks to the Simpson Protocol.

Matt Morano, PhD, LPC, CHt


“I had gone over Dad’s stuff (Dave Elman) looking for items which would tie-in and support your talk… I sincerely meant what I said about Dad being glad of your research, and also of his comments in the book showing that AT THAT TIME the only practical uses were in surgery and child-birth. But later research we hope will develop it . . . apparently you are the later research to which he was referring.

It is a pity that Esdaile’s exact methods appear lost to history (or at least I know of no source for them). From 1840 to 1920, no intentional Esdaile States; the un-intentional usually put a stage hypnotist in jail and were much feared. 
From 1920 to about 1955, knowledge of how to emerge, but no Esdaile-on-demand. 
From 1955 to about 2005, Esdaile-on-Demand but no communication.
Then YOU. 
Thank you.”

– Larry Elman


“When I saw Ines use her Simpson Protocol I knew this was what Hypnosis should always
be like.”
Stin-Niels Musche


“Amazing course, amazing teacher.

I had a hypno student abreaction in class whilst demonstrating an induction on another student….

I moved straight into SP to protect her confidentiality in the group….

superconscious took over the issue(s) and sorted. She tells me she slept for 24 hours sweated IT out and feels amazing now.

And she had been on dozens of retreats and energy courses to heal previously…

PS I still don’t know what the issue is… nor need to.’

Beryl Comar


“This is a training I highly endorse – in fact I look forward to attending it AGAIN in the future. She (Ines) has made this an incredible interactive State ( Esdaile) where you are able to produce these changes with your clients first of all – at much deeper levels, and secondly with a much more efficient use of their time .”
Jason Linett


more here  https://simpsonprotocol.com/testimonials