Simpson Protocol is taught (always in a Live Class – so lots of practice and one-on-one interaction) over 4 days


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What is taught in the 4 day?


The preparation

Learn the power and  full use of generating a simple effective video pre-talk – and why its the key to a successful session

Learning relatively rapid induction – 2 – 4 minutes to profound somnambulism

How to set up triggers so you only ever do 1 induction per client – no matter how many times they come for a session

Learning the concepts of the different deep states and their use in Formal change work Hypnosis

When Esdaile is important and how to attain it

How to Communicate with the Client with simple Idemotor responses- at every level

How to empower the client – let their Mind do all the work

Learn Self Hypnosis with SP – and how to teach your client

Learn how to use language  in your session to have your session successful with 99.9% of your clients

No leading, no pharsing, no presumptive language

Absorb the basic structure of a SP session and how to make it your own

Learn the power of dealing with multiple issues in SP – the object of the process – issue issue issue to Outcome

How to work with the needs of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious in every session

Learn how to have a zero content session is need be – and still get the outcome desired by the client’s mind

Learn how to move towards the outcome regardless of the obstacles

Practice – Induction, deepening and full session without any preamble about the issue

Practice – around the class with Idemotor responses, varied issues without asking the definition of the issue

Practice – creating a Foundation and enabling strength for the client to be able to  deal with whatever the issue is

Practice Practice


The 2nd Section – Advancing

Taking the basic format of SP and using it in any way you can imagine

Syllabus Includes( but not limited to!!)

SP Surrogacy,

SP Surrogacy with animals,

SP Pro-Active Health Program,

SP Advanced Self Hypnosis Group Program,

SP Spiritual,

SP Experiments – every class creates its own momentum and magic!!

Plus an overview of SP Foundational Birthing, SP Health and Weight management, SP Pre-Post Op and more

Plus overview of new Modules in process

Practice and Fun in SP 4 day

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Schedules for Simpson Protocol 4 Day trainings CLICK HERE