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Ines Simpson and Stin Niels Musche

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Couple of links:

Here is a pre-class link for some heads up info that will help you: PREClass Click here (password ‘parksville857’ )

And here is a link that gives you some info on using ZOOM , and how we will use it in the class:  ZOOM info PAGE CLICK here

DATES for the Course Sessions

Trainers Ines Simpson and Stin-Niels Musche


August 11th Thursday  18.30 CEST  19.30 Finland

August 12 Friday  15.00 CEST   16.00 Finland

August 15th Monday 18.30 CEST  19.30 Finland

August 17  Wednesday  18.30 CEST   19.30 Finland

August 18  Thursday 18.30 CEST   19.30 Finland

August 19 Friday  18.30 CEST   19.30 Finland

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