This Self Hypnosis Workshop is LIVE and completely interactive

Remember this is ONLINE training from your home – so be  comfortable and choose a comfy chair for practices if available

Now you do not have to do anything  other than click the link we send you – and keep that link as it is for all sessions of your training

Please close all other programs on your computer when using Zoom, including browsers, Skype etc


Make sure we can see your Face and Hands in your picture. You can set yourself up beforehand by using your laptop or tablet webcam and see that you can see your hands and face in the screen


Smartphones are not a great way to participate in these online programs. Ideally, a laptop or tablet is preferable



If your Internet goes down – contact me and let me know the situation – for instance, if you have a long delay before getting back online. And when ready – just use the link and come back in, or click Join meeting if your Zoom session is still up

If you find you have frozen – best to exit Zoom and come back in

If MY internet goes down ( as Host) – your Zoom session continues – and we will re-connect


But below is some info when you have Zoom up ( on the day) these controls are if you have trouble connecting your microphone or video – which should all be done automatically – but if you have connected camera or mics here is where you can adjust things


ZOOM info


You always want to be in Gallery view ( except when spotlight or pin view for demos – see below)

So the class looks like this- below

not this



These are at the bottom of your Zoom window – if you need to adjust Mic or Video

or at the Top right of your screen if on an iPad

On Android you may need to scroll right or left to get different settings

Please click on the ‘Manage Participants’ and ‘Chat’  – so you can communicate


If you click on ‘Mute’ icon or’ Video’ Icon you can access settings and different mics or cameras if you have them.

Also, the settings to test your mic and camera in Zoom