The Philosophy that Underpins S.P.

Simpson Protocol is a Complete Inclusive Holistic Protocol  -What does that mean?

It means Simpson Protocol is not a technique or fixed script or even a fixed set of techniques to attain some arbitrary end result.

It means that the process includes all aspects that are required to achieve the desired outcome and change.

It means the process deals with all aspects or levels that may or may not make up a Human. So we engage the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, the Spiritual and the Soul levels.

The belief system of the Client is not there to be changed or ‘converted’ or challenged.

They are there for an outcome – SP wants to make sure we cover all bases – real or imagined. Just in case!

We also in SP cover aspects such as ‘inner child work’ ‘regression’ ‘forgiveness work’ ‘ chair therapy’ ‘ gestalt therapy’ ‘Foundation work ‘ Soul work’ ‘ Change work at the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental levels’

Whatever is needed to achieve the Outcome. And it’s all done throughout the process simply and efficiently for both the Hypnotist and more importantly, the  Client.

It is a way of using Hypnosis to access the Client’s own mind, and yes Higher Mind, to enable the client to achieve the outcome they desire – but are unable to do so on their ” own”

‘If this was a conscious problem – you would have fixed it by now – wouldn’t you?’ – Bob Burns

The process is to work through issue – issue- issue -to the desired outcome.

A single Simpson Protocol session of anywhere from an hour to 2 hours – can work through multiple issues to attain the Client’s desired outcome.

After the first session – there is no need ever again for a formal Induction with that client – they have triggers

Simpson Protocol means:

There is no need to guess or try to figure out the ‘problem’. The Client’s mind knows – let it do its work.

There is no need for any intake from the client. They are there with an issue – that’s all you need to know.

All the client needs to tell you is that they are willing to go into Hypnosis and allow their Mind to do the work

The Hypnotist requires no judgment – they just have to follow the process and structure of SP

The Structure of SP is there as a framework – that can be changed and adapted for every client when necessary

Practitioners of SP – say Simpson Protocol is the canvas – where they get to paint in their own style.

Now it also means the Hypnotist has to STAY OUT OF THE WAY of the process. The Hypnotist is the Guide and Facilitator – not the Controller.