“Ines Simpson is a very respected hypnotist and lecturer on the Esdaile State. [S]he is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the world.  I came away impressed with her professional expertise, but also with her character.  She never hesitates to say “I don’t know” or “Not proven yet.”  And THAT level of humility and honesty is not always present in world-class experts.”
  H. Larry Elman

I have been using the Simpson Protocol with great success since 2015. In fact it is my go to therapy protocol. My clients love the fact that they don’t have to talk to me about the issue in any great detail. They are comforted to know, that their private information, remains private to them. Yesterday, a client asked for help with a Sexual Dysfunction issue -ED and after our 45 minute SP session, the client had resolved his issue, with 100% personal satisfaction. This is the power of The Simpson Protocol. Learn it today! Helena Jehnichen, Cht www.FlourishHypnosis.com

“Amazing course, amazing teacher.

I had a hypno student abreaction in class whilst demonstrating an induction on another student….
I moved straight into SP to protect her confidentiality in the group….
superconscious took over the issue(s) and sorted. She tells me she slept for 24 hours sweated IT out and feels amazing now.
And she had been on dozens of retreats and energy courses to heal previously…
PS I still don’t know what the issue is… nor need to.’

Beryl Comar


“When I saw Ines use her Simpson Protocol I knew this was what Hypnosis should always
be like.”
Stin-Niels Musche

“This is a training I highly endorse – in fact I look forward to attending it AGAIN in the future. She (Ines) has made this an incredible interactive State ( Esdaile) where you are able to produce these changes with your clients first of all – at much deeper levels, and secondly with a much more efficient use of their time .”
Jason Linett

“I have worked with Ines Simpson as the Simpson Protocol evolved and often co-present with her during live teaching sessions. She is brilliant, yet humble and unassuming. She loves to teach and impart what she knows to others. I have personally worked with her as a client and have had some amazing results using her protocol. I highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to make changes in their life.”

-TED ROBINSON – center for Inner Healing

“I can now express my emotions to myself!  WOW – and because I can now do this, I was able to clear an issue with EFT.  I haven’t had an opportunity to express my emotions to someone else yet, but I have no doubt I’ll be able to do it – since I couldn’t do it for myself or someone else before.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Jan M.
(After her session which is included in Disc 2 of The Simpson Protocol Instructional Video)

“Ines, I just wanted to say how outstanding your one-day training session on working in the Esdaile state and beyond was last weekend. It really opened my eyes about an entirely new aspect of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and working with people in those deep states and the results you can get. Plus you were so kind and compassionate with those of us undergoing the experience as well as being trained in using it.  The whole thing was really mind expanding – dare I say mind blowing – and I want to thank you again for the fabulous job you did in taking us to new depths – and heights.  Looking forward to more training with you in the near future, Ines.”
– Mike Hulme, BA,DC,CHT

Ines and I met in 2000 while attending Counselor training courses at our local community college. Over the ensuing years we have maintained an ongoing relationship and continued our education in parallel fields. She had already established herself as a hypnotherapist in our area when I took my own certification in 2003. Following that she was my mentor, and probably will always remain so for many of us fortunate enough to be associated with her. I feel extremely privileged to have been able to sit in while she worked with her clients. Just to be in her presence is a learning experience. On many occasion I have sat in on her classes and have a high degree of admiration for her ability to disseminate her amazing depth of knowledge to her students in an easily understood manner. The first day of class and every day throughout the duration of the course she has her students practicing what she has taught them in that lesson. Her demonstrations of the many techniques and explanations of the principles of hypnosis and their application enable her students to readily absorb the information. And learn they do from Ines! Anyone who has the good fortune to enter the hypnotic world with Ines as their teacher will leave very well trained, confident and know they have been trained by the best.

John Berry, Parksville B.C.

“ I am very fortunate to live in an area of the world that has a hypnotherapist instructor of Ines Simpson`s caliber. I am still awed at the depth of her commitment to furthering the profession of Hypnotherapy”
Dave Bartlett, Campbell River, British Columbia

“This was a very powerful workshop. I cannot wait to get experience using this technique. Inez is a gifted and compassionate soul with unique teaching abilities I recommend this training highly.”
– Barbara Dailey,DNP

“Ines, thank you so much for your caring and intuitive connection with us as students. I will use this wonderful addition to the tools I already have as a hypnotherapist and in our course Ray and I teach. This brings a whole new Dimension to the ability to guide clients into healing and self-empowerment. Thank you again!”
– Joni Wilay-Zukowski

“I want to thank you for all that you do to help people to feel uplifted, positive, and whole.  You do your work so passionately and gracefully.  I thank you for taking me to a special place within my soul.  I am so grateful for having met you.

You have a very special light and you are shining it brightly and beautifully. I think it’s so wonderful that you are working with Ted, as he does so much to help people as well.”
– Glenn P.
(Glenn worked with Ted and Ines in the DVD,
Working Interactively in the Esdaile State and Beyond)

This from a fresh SP Grad – just goes and does it – right out of the book!

…I met… a twenty-something guy who had experienced a violent, very traumatic experience a few years before I met him. Whatever had happened to him was beginning to impact his daily life now, including his professional and interpersonal life, to the point where he wasn’t even able to attend social events without tremendous anxiety.

As a psychologist, I quickly identified the PTSD that this person was obviously experiencing and estimated that it would take many sessions and quite a bit of work on both our parts to help him get through this. However, as a hypnotist, I wondered if we could do some work hypnotically to help him come to grips with what he had gone through.

When I went through the two-day training ( Simpson Protocol), I could not help but think of the person with whom I had just met and I began to look at how to help him through the lens of the Protocol. I especially liked that the client would not have to relive his experiences and have to tell me about what happened. The Simpson Protocol allows all of that work to happen within the mind of the person and so the emotional trauma can be buffered in a way that can’t be done through usual regression techniques, not to mention through traditional psychotherapy.

When I returned to the office and met with the person on a Friday, I used the Simpson Protocol right down to the letter, using her helpful manual. After our session, he wasn’t sure exactly what to make of what he experienced, but he reported that he somehow felt, “lighter” although he couldn’t explain it. I checked in with him the following Monday and he reported that he was not sure exactly what happened, but he attended a good friend’s party on Saturday and it was incredible in that he was relaxed and had fun (something he couldn’t do in recent years). Further, explained that he experienced none of the anxiety he had before and even the fear was gone. He didn’t think he could ever get back to the person he used to be, but there he was. He thanked my profusely and sincerely and I was so happy that I could help him thanks to the Simpson Protocol.

Matt Morano, PhD, LPC, CHt


From an open demo in Ontario Class

I sincerely want to say a huge thank you again for that opportunity.

When I realized that Ines was asking for volunteers I raised my hand right away hoping that I could finally get some help for my issue.

You see I came back from a very long deployment in 2013 and ever since I came back I have been struggling quite a bit with major depression disorder which consequently brought back to the surface a lot of repressed memories from my childhood.

As a result of my depression and the trauma being brought back I started to self medicate with alcohol. I soon became an alcoholic and when I went to see a doctor to get help they misdiagnosed me with something completely irrelevant and given heavy medication which were highly addicted.

By the summary of 2015 I could not live like that anymore. I managed to get myself into rehab to get rid of the alcohol issues and all the pills I was on. Once in rehab I was diagnosed with PTSD and major depression disorder. Every since that day I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts and it’s literally been poisoning my life cost me my marriage my kids my job.

Even though I have been sober and clean for just over a year the symptoms for my illnesses we’re still very much there making my life miserable. Making me wishing I would not be alive anymore.

After Ines show me raising my hand she called me over. She did not even need to ask me what was wrong with me. The whole process it’s pretty much a blur for me, but one thing is sure is when emerge from the trance I already felt happiness and Hope ….things that I had forgotten how it feels.

It has been 24 hours now and I’m still astonished how well and how efficient her technique is. I mean even today I’m feeling great I’m happy I’m positive I have hope and those are the word from a man who’s currently going through a nasty divorce because obvious past mistakes.

I can’t even put a price or a word on what Ines did for me. This was the best gift I could have ever hoped for. She gave me my life back, she gave me a future something to look forward to.

And on that note the very same night when I got home I met with a good friend of mine who has been struggling with hyperphagie for a very long time. Even though I did not study The Simpsons protocol I used it on her to the best of my abilities from what I remembered and from the rest of the conference and I’m happy to report that my friend is now free from her disorder.

Ines I don’t think I could ever thank you enough from the bottom of my heart thank you



After a Zoom Session – this lady was a facebook friend- and this was the first time we had ever communicated directly 

Dear ladies 🌺 I had a personal hypnosis session with Ines Maria Antonia Simpson and I would like to tell you about my experience.

Lately, I was experiencing some issues in my life that repeat quite often. Only this time, I felt that they had much greater momentum. It is quite ironic that the greater ability I started gaining in transforming people as a hypnotist, led me to encounter such strong conflicts. In light of these difficulties and realising that all the work I did on them previously were not so effective after-all, led me to feel powerless, a bit discouraged and for some moment hopeless! Evidently the real roots of the problem was beyond my ability to perceive and I didn’t know exactly what to do!

So the idea of asking for an appointment from Ines Maria Antonia Simpson just popped up in my mind and five minutes later, I sent a brief message to her on facebook. I never met her before but I was fascinated by the Simpson Protocol she developed.

To my surprise, she responded to me immediately and just simply within minutes, we set an appointment right away for the next day. Coincidentally she had a free time.

I can tell you how correct I was to listen to my intuition. The session was simply much beyond my expectations. Ines is a wonderful person. Warm, kind, empathetic, compassionate and many more! Just like many of you, I am sure! These are essential qualities of a good hypnotist but this time, I was able to experience how important these were, from the eyes of a client. I felt as if though I was observing it for the first time. I loved it!

I was reading about the Simpson Protocol before and had a general idea of how they cooperated with the super-conscious mind. I even experimented on my clients with very successful results. Yet I saw that what I thought as the technique was quite shallow in light of the what it actually was. The session was simply much beyond what expected. It blew my mind away!

For two hours Ines worked with my super-conscious mind; corrected, mended and liberated so many pieces on so many levels that I felt completely restored and redesigned 🙂 On top of this, we did not even have one word on what the problem was! I thought I was working quite context free with my clients but, after experiencing this style, I understood that I was not even close! The session seemed to me like Ines sat the greatest creator by her side, as her assistant and cooperating with that assistant, started restructuring me all over again 🙂 The feelings I express might seem over exaggerated but those were my feelings and hypnosis is the ability to create the expectation and the belief that change will happen and it absolutely did the job for me!

When we started our session, I was sick with a runny nose and coughs; yet when I woke up the next morning, out of the most relaxing sleep ever, I totally felt at peace, oriented and happy! Realising that there was no trace of any sickness was a fantastic side effect of all this!

I continued my work that day and met with several clients, feeling completely happy, transformed and grateful for all that happened. When one of my clients started telling me how wonderful she was feeling, how grateful she was to me and how miraculous all these methods were; I smiled! I really knew what she was talking about 🙂

This is our work ladies! We are so fortunate!

Thank you Ines Maria Antonia Simpson! For the fantastic session, for the learnings and the realisations you instigated in me!

All my best to you ladies 🌺

Comments from Live SP online Training – 2020

I have just completed the Simpson Protocol Online training program and it was an amazing experience. Ines is a patient instructor who takes the time her students need to understand the material. I really love this holistic program that can help my clients in new and wonderful ways. This is a game-changer for hypnosis and I’m looking forward to taking my hypnosis practice to the next level. If I were giving it a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, my rating would be 11. Thank you Ines!

Julia Wooster

Certified Consulting Hypnotist



I got to know about Ines’ training through one of her students from whom I heard great things. I decided to reach out to her and shortly after I had the opportunity to meet with her through Zoom to go over some general information. Since the first moment, I felt very connected to Ines. She is very kind and spontaneous and gave me the same comfortable feeling I experienced while being a student in her Live Online training (THE SIMPSON PROTOCOL- Essentials and Advanced). While teaching you, Ines is also supporting your learning experience by sharing her expertise at the same time that she is motivating you to trust yourself.

Prior to starting the Live Online Training I received online material to review (written and videos), as well as during the entire course. The learning experience was very well supported with plenty of resources. Ines, had all the patience in the world to address the questions that students would bring up during or after class.

The interactions with Ines, as well as with other students was very natural, spontaneous and friendly….despite the physical distance I felt very connected to everyone. This pleasant sensation was enhanced by the multiple opportunities to mix&mingle, as we were rotating in small groups to put into practice right away what we had learned that given day. Additionally, our practice was recorded so we had the possibility to review not only Ines’ inputs, but also the group discussions.

The Simpson Protocol Live Online training exceeded my expectations, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is considering registering for it.

Claudia Dagnino, MA, RCC, RRT, RYT200




I was one of the fortunate participants of the first-ever Simpson’s Protocol LIVE Online Class and it was incredible. It helped to see how we can adapt it to be used online with our clients and still bring the same awesome results. Having learnt it previously in 2013, I felt it was in some ways better than full, 2 or 4 days of it where I would feel overwhelmed with information overload. The online course was staggered over some days which gave us all opportunity to practice with each other on our own as well. For me, it gave me the added confidence I needed to serve clients online. As always Innes is an amazingly patient teacher, making sure we totally understand and are comfortable before moving on. Thank you so much, Ines.


Nisreen Mama Foda

When told about SP, I quickly suggested Ines must simply be invited to come to London Ontario and teach it. She accepted and then Covid19 happened and the training transitioned to online. I was skeptical about learning hypnosis online, not understanding how exactly this could work. Much to my surprise and delight, I found the online format to work very well in the way that Ines presented it, specifically with explanations, demonstrations, and then breakout sessions for practicing and opportunity afterwards for discussion. I’m blown away by the power of SP and eager to use it with clients. I’m also very appreciative of Ines’ generosity of resources and personal attention.

Thank you Ines

Tamelynda Lux, StepStone Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, London, Ontario, Canada Online class of April 2020


I was a little afraid, at the beginning, of the on line live class for different reasons: first english is not my first language and second I am not really a computer expert… still I registered and had a wonderful learning experience. SP is a very interesting technique that we had the chance to practice easily via zoom with people from different parts of the world. I learned a new techique and now I feel more at ease with long distance work.

Thank you Martin for the technical support, thank you Ines for the teaching and the practice support. Thank you all for the rich exchanges!

Annamaria (Switzerland)


Thank you, Ines. In this unfamiliar time of self-isolation, with the passion that you have for your purpose, you guided a class of  strangers to connect over practice, as though we were all in the same room. Thank you for your guidance and your patience. I am very much looking forward to sharing this gift with others. ~Nicole Bourgeois


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