The Simpson Protocol Video Series

Chatting with SP Trainers about Simpson Protocol therpay

A series of Videos about the Simpson Protocol Hypnosis Therapy Process – through the eyes of those who use SP on a daily basis


Episode One with Tim Horn

You can find Tim Horn at https://hypnoconsult.com/


Episode Two with Greg Beckett

You can find Greg at https://www.hypnosisla.com/

Episode Three with Lance Baker

You can find Lance at http://branchesofhealing.com.au/

Episode Four with Stin-Niels Musche

You can find Stin at https://hypnoschool.de/

Episode Five with Christophe Dierckx

You can find Christophe at https://www.simpson-protocol.be/

Episode 6 with Ludovic Louissaint

You can reach Ludovic at ludovic.louissaint@gmail.com

Episode 7 with Honey Lansdowne

My interview with Honey Lansdowne from the UK -she talks about her experiences with Simpson Protocol – you can find Honey at https://www.honeylansdowne.co.uk/hypnosis

Episode 8 with Justine Lette

Interview with Justine Lette – owner of Hypnosis New Zealand – and her experiences with SP and SP and animal therapy.You can reach Justine at https://www.justinelette.com/about-me

Episode 9 with Claudia Dagnino

Chatting with Claudia Dagnino about her work and experiences with SP 


You can find info about Claudia at https://www.claudiadagnino.com/

Episode 10  with Imane Soubra

Chatting with Imane Soubra – The Trainer in Arabic for Simpson Protocol. Her experiences and her approach to the Simpson Protocol Therapy Process. Imane’s website: https://www.imanesoubra.com/

لقاء مع إيمان سوبره مدربة سيمبسون بروتوكول لللغه العربيه

Episode 11 with Zhi Yang

Chat with Zhi Yang – SP trainer in Mandarin – about her experiences with Hypnosis and SP You can reach Zhi at https://www.zhihypnosis.com/

Chat and interview with Annamaria La Scala SP Trainer for Italy and Switzerland.

You can reach Annamaria at info@lascala-hypnosis.ch