The Key Points to an Elman Induction:

  1. It should never last more than 4 minutes – ideally 2- 3 minutes ( before Deepeners – like the Beach, losing your name, Down levels  A to B to C etc)
  2. Four Key Parts
    1. Eyes Close and Test
    2. Count to 10 ( or Fractionation)
    3. Arm Drop
    4. Lose the numbers
  3. Deepeners – Lose name and down levels A to B , B to C.

A video explaining my adaption of the traditional Elman Induction – shortening it and bringing the ‘language’ up to date.

The Elman Induction is the conerstone of modern Hypnosis Inductions – and I make no structural changes – who needs to! – merely an update from the 1950 tradition


Download my versions hereLINK



Demo example of an Elman Induction (note never word for word – but the framework always stays the same)

This is in a class – so it takes longer than normal as I stop to make comments. Nevertheless the Induction starts at about 1.50 and finishes at 5.22 – and then I use deepeners – also this includes the beginning of an SP session. By 17 mins we have set up Ideomotor responses and done a first test Regression