Created By Rachael Hay Using SP Surrogacy – you are able to offer your Client a way to connect with Loved-Ones passed over. Whether the Love-One is a cherished animal or Partner, Friend or Relative.

This protocol is designed to give your client an ‘experience’. To consciously feel the connection to that passed over spirit.

This is something that can help them move through their grief process. For example, someone may come to you, and they have had to put an animal down, and so, there could be all sorts of feelings of guilt, or remorse.  Or it may be that someone close to them has passed over and they didn’t get the chance to say goodbye, so getting that chance, could give them some closure.

Any negative thoughts and beliefs can halt the grief process or slow it down, so any work that can be done to clear these, will ultimately help in this process. And like the onion layer, everything is not solved in the first session, (though a huge amount will be).

Once the initial session has cleared a lot, there will be other aspects that arise, and with subsequent sessions, these too can be addressed.

Also during the protocol, there is a question that allows the passed over spirit to give your client a symbol, that will let your client know when the passed over spirit is around them. This is a lasting gift that you can give to your client.

EXTRAS included with this program – Rachael’s version of SP Chakras Program   and a protocol for ‘Raising Consciousness”

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