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The Advanced Modules for Simpson Protocol

I have a lot of requests for more ‘fields’ to explore with Simpson Protocol for existing students of SP.
Simpson Protocol (S.P.) is, in the end, a simple flexible, infinitely variable way of accessing the Mind – and goes wherever the Mind can go – there really is no limitation on what a student can […]

Australia 2018

Yes , its true -  I am taking Simpson Protocol to Australia  this November and December 2018 Nov  24 & 25th - Perth - contact jacqui25@bigpond.com - Jacqui Dornan for details December 1 & 2nd -  Sidney - contact Lance Baker - details here December 8 & 9th  Melbourne - contact Marina Mukashev - email here- mikamakushev@gmail.com

2018 Spring in Europe

Having a great training tour in Europe this Spring which includes, Belgium, Germany and UK.

Added new videos to the Advanced Modules for Spiritual, Animal Surrogacy and Birthing  – more to follow

Simpson Protocol – Foundational Birthing

Simpson Protocol Advanced Programs – S.P FOUNDATIONAL BIRTHING
For SP Students Only- if you havent taken SP yet – go here


What is the Simpson Foundational Protocol for Birthing?

· SP Foundational Birthing is a complete inclusive program to obtain the best possible birth scenario for mother and child.

· SP Foundational Birthing takes advantage of all your […]

A word on SP Philosophy


Video 2

3 ways to help your Practice: Use Advanced Sp Seminars, Use Facebook, use the website


SP Holland Nov 2017- pics

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