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For April Online

For Online Practice

Here is the ‘script’ for Practice for the online Training
Here is the overall structure of an SP first session ( with a new client)
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The Simpson Protocol – Complete Holistic Sexual Program

 The SP Holistic Sexual program – that combines SP with Kaz Riley’s Sexual Freedom Protocol
here’s our chat with Kaz Riley


Treating the Sexual  Health is one of the most rewarding, interesting, lucrative and unsaturated hypnotherapy markets.
Recent studies show that up to 30% of men and 40% of women have sexual dysfunction, most people have no idea where […]

SP Training going online!! Hybrid Course training

Given the situation  and the advances in SP and our ability to move it forward – we are looking at moving a lot of the training online

Yes – when things go back to being able to travel – we will have LIVE training – there will also be LIve training

Even now while we go […]

SP 4 day Trainings (English) 2020 – first half

Simpson Protocol
Next class  March 7 – 10  2020
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APRIL 2020
London Ontario 4 day
contact Julia Wooster

 Canada training with Jacquie Balogh
4 day SP
4 day training March 27-30, 2020 in Calgary
4 day training in May 22-25 2020 in Regina, SK.
contact Jacquie at jacquie@transcendence.today

 April 24- 27   2020

September in UK!!

April 23- 26 Huddersfield N England ( Brexit be dammed!!) we will be hosted by the great Kaz Riley for 4 day SP Training

The New SP Smoking Cessation Protocol

Welcome to the SP Smoking Cessation Program
This stand alone program requires a fluid understanding of the basic SP process

And we would encourage you to add in the Pro-Heath program as a session or part of a session to fully round out the Hypnosis – and also to remove any ‘anti-health programming that the client […]