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Simpson Protocol – Foundational Birthing

Simpson Protocol Advanced Programs – S.P FOUNDATIONAL BIRTHING
For SP Students Only- if you havent taken SP yet – go here


What is the Simpson Foundational Protocol for Birthing?

· SP Foundational Birthing is a complete inclusive program to obtain the best possible birth scenario for mother and child.

· SP Foundational Birthing takes advantage of all your […]

A word on SP Philosophy


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3 ways to help your Practice: Use Advanced Sp Seminars, Use Facebook, use the website


SP Holland Nov 2017- pics

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Now available – special package Pricing for SP on-line


We have been asked if we can make some package pricing available for the Simpson Protocol online resource and training website

Your wish is our command!

If you click the register button below you can have 6 months of SP on-line for $99.00. ( usual price $162)  save over $60.00 bucks!!
6 month option ( save 38% […]

Simpson Protocol Pro Active Health


The concept of Light, Frequencies and the Mind
Lasers are great technology – pure light or, if you like, a pure form of energy, that can be used for a multitude of things. In my case it is to give the body more energy to bolster and accelerate its own healing and growing.

I have never […]

Spain -Simpson Protocol Seminar

Simpson Protocol -Spain 2 day Seminar - dates announced for November 2017 - more details to follow