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The New SP Smoking Cessation Protocol

Welcome to the SP Smoking Cessation Program
This stand alone program requires a fluid understanding of the basic SP process

And we would encourage you to add in the Pro-Heath program as a session or part of a session to fully round out the Hypnosis – and also to remove any ‘anti-health programming that the client […]

Now Available – Complete Mentoring from Zero to SP Certification

Now International Hypnosis Trainer Ines Simpson will mentor you from complete newbie through to Hypnosis Certification PLUS full SP Certification

Now available – special package Pricing for SP on-line

FOR SP GRADS ONLY – those who have taken  4 day training

We have changed the follow-up programs for SP Grads to make it more inclusive ( and useful)
As a person who has taken SP Live Training you now have these options
1  After the class you have access to BOTH websites – Essentials and Advanced […]

Complete Holistic Weight and Health Protocol


Using Simpson Protocol for Weight Correction or Weight Reduction allows a complete Holistic approach – maximizing the Client’s desire and outcome for their optimum body set weight, and will allow the client to maintain it comfortably and easily.

The Program also combines with Pro-Active Health for […]

Simpson Protocol Smoking Freedom Program

coming soon


Upcoming Simpson Protocol Training this September in Canada and N Ireland

Heres a little video I made ( under seagull threat) about the upcoming training in September. Excited about this training – as so much has happened in the trainings this year so far – little changes and big changes as to how we achieve outcomes with our clients. I do believe we are increasing […]