Of course first step is taking a Simpson Protocol Live training – that gets you an Attendance Certificate and the ability to go out and use  Simpson Protocol in your practice.

If you wish to be recognized and recommended as a Complete Simpson Protocol Practitioner – that is someone who has demonstrated  that they have a grasp and understanding of SP – then you can apply for Certification.

Certification means you will be recognized and recommended in your area as The Simpson Protocol Practitioner ( and we get several requests a week for SP practitioners for everywhere!!).

You will be able to promote that you are a Certified SP Practitioner on your website or business card.

You will be listed on the SP certification Page on our various websites.

You receive 1 YEAR FREE Membership to the SimpsonProtocolonline website.

Logo for website.

And most of all you will have taken your practice to (as they say) to the next level. You will by going through the certification process have confidence and assurance in your ability and able to use SP in all aspects of your practice and have great outcomes.

Requirements for Certification

1. Provide 3 videos of 3 separate sessions of a complete SP session. The videos don’t have to be fancy – just use a smartphone /iPhone or webcam etc,

The video needs to show you and your client’s hand – no need to see the client’s face if they want confidentiality.

You can use cheat sheets – but ideally you run the session without notes.

2. Provide a Video of your Pre-TAlk

3. Upload the videos to somewhere that we can easily download them – Dropbox, Onedrive etc

4. Provide Certification fee of $250 US

5.RECEIVE – 1 YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO Membership Site ($324 Value)