This technique represents a profound breakthrough in Hypnosis. It has helped to revolutionize therapies and individualize them for each client by allowing each client’s (Super-Conscious) Mind to do the work.

The key to Simpson Protocol is that the Hypnotist is able to communicate with their Client while the client is in very deep states of Hypnosis (Esdaile)
The client  do their own inner work with the direction of the Hypnotist to help them resolve whatever issue that is disturbing them.
Importantly, this takes the Hypnotist’s conscious (and judgemental) mind out of the equation and allows the client’s own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client and is client centered which empowers the client.
The Simpson Protocol uses the Esdaile level (and ‘deeper’ levels)) as a “launching pad” for accessing all other levels of the mind/body/spirit.
The client’s own mind directs where and what will be worked on and does the work internally and privately when needed. This is a major benefit for many clients who don’t wish to expose their problems to anyone else due to privacy issues.



Objectives- This is a developing and extraordinary course that teaches students how to bring clients into the deepest levels of Hypnosis (Esdaile and beyond) in order to access the Super-Conscious Mind. This is done by allowing the Hypnotist to continue to communicate with the client at every level to obtain the best results for them (this is the first time this type of communication has become available at the Esdaile level). Normally, when a subject enters the Esdaile level, they find themselves so comfortable and relaxed that they no longer wish to communicate with the hypnotist. This is the first time we can teach how to communicate with clients – even at that deep level.


Students will learn how to bring their clients into the Esdaile level and verify that they’ve reached the Esdaile level with specific tests and then validate it with the conscious mind. From there, you will learn what questions to ask to illicit the most important answers to the client’s deepest problems and then learn how to assist the client to resolve them from within using the Super-Conscious Mind.


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Here are some specific benefits of this class:

  • Learn how to prepare clients to achieve deeper levels of hypnosis.
  • Learn how to take clients to the Esdaile level and test to ascertain they are there.
  • Learn how to communicate interactively with the Superconscious and subconscious minds in the Esdaile State and beyond.
  • Learn to let the Client’s “SuperConcious Mind lead the session to achieve profound outcomes.
  • Demonstrate how to apply “Change Work” to clients.
  • The Second day will be devoted primarily to practicing and refining the Protocol and to the advanced questions to be used within the Protocol.

This two day seminar is intended to help Hypnotists learn how to attain and interact with the subconscious and Superconscious minds while in the Esdaile level (Hypnotic Coma) and beyond, and be able to use The Simpson Protocol the very next day in their own practice.

The Seminar is fully practical. In that there are demos of SP sessions and the students practice throughout the seminar on their own sessions. An SP student will be able to apply Simpson Protocol to their practice the very next day.

Historical Background:

In the past, little has been known about what is happening in the clients mind at the Esdaile level of Hypnosis. Dr. Esdaile originally discovered and used this level primarily in place of chemical anesthesia for surgery in the 1800’s. At that time, the conditioning to get each patient to that level took extensive time – up to 10 days. It remained a mystery and spontaneously happened at inappropriate times (like on stage) until the 1950’s when Dave Elman discovered how to induce the coma state and taught doctors and dentists. Gerry Kein, who studied under Elman, taught hypnotists to bring people into the Esdaile, but nobody discovered how to use it until recently, when Ines Simpson took its use to the next level. She discovered how to interactively communicate with clients – even in the Esdaile level.



“I had gone over Dad’s stuff looking for items which would tie-in and support your talk, but after Elsom’s comments (off-air before the recording started) that he wanted to keep things moving, I felt I should shorten my input. I sincerely meant what I said about Dad being glad of your research, and also of his comments in the book showing that AT THAT TIME the only practical uses were in surgery and child-birth. But later research we hope will develop it . . . apparently you and Ted are the later research to which he was referring.

It is a pity that Esdaile’s exact methods appear lost to history (or at least I know of no source for them). From 1840 to 1920, no intentional Esdaile States; the un-intentional usually put a stage hypnotist in jail and were much feared. From 1920 to about 1955, knowledge of how to emerge, but no Esdaile-on-demand. From 1955 to about 2005, Esdaile-on-Demand but no communication. Then YOU. Thank you.”

Larry Elman





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