The concept of Light, Frequencies and the Mind

Lasers are great technology – pure light or, if you like, a pure form of energy, that can be used for a multitude of things. In my case it is to give the body more energy to bolster and accelerate its own healing and growing.

I have never been that excited about the straight line pointer laser – but then I was shown the concept of scalar or tesla wave lasers that is the laser puts out a wave that looks a lot like a DNA wave. This allows the light to reach and affect a large area of the body.

The even more important or exciting thing about these particular laser is that the scalar wave will affect ( in a good way) the cell memory – and in fact reset the cell memory so that it’s almost like a factory reset.

The reason this is important because cell memory caries injury and trauma forward. So a new cell retains the trauma or injury of the old – unless there is a reset. That is why scars are retained and broken or damaged limbs often never heal back perfectly.

Cell memory also carries trauma.

These particular lasers I use are cold, low power lasers that combine red, infra-red and violet light in one unit. That means I am able to affect surface areas of skin, muscle and bones and right to the cell level – as especially the violet laser penetrates very deeply – even , sometimes , effecting an emotional change.

Now when I add the power and direction of the ‘Superconscious’ to work on specific glands, organs, nervous ( Vegus Nerve in particular), stomach/gut flora – there is a tremendous non- invasive health program.

Hypnosis using the Superconscious is a very powerful health program – letting this higher mind to direct the necessary healing. I have great results.

However when we add the light power of the lasers it gives the Superconscious even more to work with. Healing is faster and seems to be longer lasting.

I use this combination of laser and hypnosis to do an ongoing proactive health program – and so far, so far… the results are great.

The scalar lasers and their inventor creator