The Complete program that shows you how to deal with any Dis Order or Dis Ease of your Client’s Physical ( or Mental ) Being.

Its structures to give you ‘the big picture’ of how to use an SP Process to take on any Dis Order – but also gives you ideas for particular questions for particular disorders.

Plus a resource section where there are extra questions that the SP Trainers have been using with their Clients for disorders such as Cancer and ALS .

And info on the ‘big’ ones that the Medical professional will have probably told your Client.

Have also included how to use SP Hypno- Sleep and the Pre and Post Op program

As in most programs for SP – always remember there’s a lot of  de hypnotizing for you to do. This is especially true with this program, but also in SP Fertility Program, SP Smoking Program, SP Birthing  and SP Weight program. Take away the ‘labels’ and ‘ information’ they have been given

Creating the awareness of being ‘open to possibility’

This program for SP Practitioners is  $198

NOTE SP Certified Parctitioners:-please use link on Facebook SP Certified page  – here