Surrogate Flow sheet

Surrogacy  Flow  ( download doc version below)


The surrogate is the person in your chair

The client is the one being worked on


Take Surrogate – Peace Deep and High with appropriate guidance

Check if you can connect both parties at Highest level

If so – Please connect both parties in the most appropriate and optimum way for both parties


Foundation and Soul work

Please bring the 10s up to 10 for both parties  – (Foundation Work)

Any work to be done at the Soul level – (Soul work)


Check if Ultra can be connected for the session


Begin the work

Bring up SUDS in Surrogate

Check number and feeling

Bring Surrogate back to comfort



Are there experiences that affect this issue?

Anything needed for surrogate’s conscious mind

If yes – do regressions as per Regular session



As per Regular session

Thoughts Imprints Impressions


Fears, Beliefs, Harm, Punishment, Protection, Secondary Benefits

Conflicts sex, relationship

Emotions – anger, shame, forgiveness

Motives and reasons

Systems of the body – chakras – meridians- organs – RNA DNA – heart – glands etc


Bardo, Council, Records

Last things – Guidance wants?


LEVELS – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual


Checking to see if issue cleared – check  with Surrogate

Allowing conscious to understand outcome

Release the Habit

Appropriate to disconnect at this time?

Disconnect most appropriate way grounding both parties and integrating them in their own body mind and spirit

Any extra things to do for Surrogate?

Emerge  Surrogate.