Why Simpson Protocol- Video



Let’s start like this

What SP (Simpson Protocol)  is not:

It isn’t a clever little add on that sounds good for a client but serves no real purpose

Nor is it me being obtuse and trying to reconfigure a part of Hypnosis so I can get my name on something. SP in fact was never supposed to be a thing – it was just an on- going evolution I was following until some students decided to call it Simpson Protocol

What SP is :

A process – an ongoing evolution of Hypnosis I took to solve practical problems I encountered with my clients

A process that began with Esdaile and then worked on and improved by Dave Elman and then Jerry Kein – all of them moving Hypnosis forward to become more and more efficient and powerful as a way to change clients bad situations. To provide a simple flexible overall method that works completely and effectively

I just took it all a little further.

I loved Regression work – I used it for all my clients – for everything. Its only later reviewing Jerry Kein’s work I even realised that he actually taught things other than Regression!!

However I was running into situations with clients I wasn’t able to simply resolve with just Regression or Just chair therapy etc.

Clients didn’t want to tell me their horrific stories – and after a while I didn’t want to hear them. But if I didn’t know the ‘issue’ how could I address it?

Plus I knew that at Esdaile there was profound by pass of the critical factor – but no apparent way to communicate to the client in that state

And fixing what we call an ISE – if I could find it – would sometimes only provide temporary relief, as there were other issues present and I sometimes missed them.

To work around these challenges, and many others as I moved forward, I gradually developed this system called The Simpson Protocol.

And the Simpson Protocol is not a fixed thing  its always evolving as I and students work on it with clients.

SP is holistic but also ever open to positive change that produces better outcomes. I m always looking for ways to speed up the process and simplify it. I started out with 2 ½ hour session and now I can resolve 5 or 6 issues in just over an hour session (most of the time – nothing is ever fixed in Hypnosis)

The process is led by what I call the Superconscious – a mind , apart from us or part of us, I have no idea – but certainty connected and certainly profoundly interested in giving the individual the best and mot appropriate outcome at that given time.

Of course when dealing with ‘the mind’ we are guessing at words. Maybe there is no such thing as the Superconscious – maybe its just a higher ultimate part of us that always seems to respond and produce desired outcome – who knows. It doesn’t matter. For me it’s the results that matter.

Then I found a level or state called High that seemed to be a center for reaching wherever the higher , Superconscious mind wanted to go, to work efficiently. (Though I am sure we don’t ‘go’ anywhere – it’s perhaps just a way of understanding for the conscious mind)

As I was working with this Superconscious – I only needed to form yes no questions that led me, and the client to the  most appropriate and beneficial outcomes from the client.

I didn’t need to know the particular issue – the client knew it, the Superconscious knew it – I was merely the facilitator to lead the client to a place where they could use their own mind to ‘fix’ their issue the best and most appropriate way

If I didn’t need client input then I didn’t need to know the issue directly, so clients no longer needed to discuss  sexual abuse or other shame issues with me .And with post traumatic stress where the client definitely doesn’t want to relive them for you or themselves  – it was a simple process. The superconscious did the work – all I needed to do was create the trance and acceptance and willingness from the client to allow the issue to be resolved.

And sometimes neither I nor the client know the issue – just the symptoms – again we don’t need to know. The higher inner mind knows and that’s all that is necessary.

SP has moved away from the process that cerates an Esdaile state to a process that uses the Esdaile state to work with the Superconscious. And the relationship trust and understanding between hypnotist and Superconscious became the thing.

And this also allows for a full and holistic outcome. The Higher Mind will always do everything that is necessary. The Hypnotist doesn’t have t guess or wonder if everything has been done . The Hypnotists just has to ask for it to be done!


As SP is taught to more an more hypnotists and they began t use it in their daily practice – ‘the field’ of SP ( as in quantum or morphic field concept) allowed faster sessions and more and deeper reach for SP.

Surrogacy is a snap – with humans or animals. Fertility issues were cleared sometimes in one session – whether it was  male or female issue. Fertility issues after the medical profession had given up – and thousands of dollars had been spent. A simple one or two sessions often create real changes. Again depending on the clients willingness to allow the process to work.

Birthing where the fetus and mother are deeply connected pre-birth through their own higher minds. Yes the fetus is ‘aware’

PTSD situations are cleared often in one session. And in some cases , many cases, cancer and other chronic diseases have resolved. ( Not in all cases, its never a guarantee – but in a surprising number). Pain, anxiety chronic dis-eases or discomfort can be changed in one session.


SP is very exciting to use and be a part of – to see the outcomes that are possible – in such a simple and flexible system.

Anyone who takes SP – their biggest reaction is to how simple and efficient it is to use. And there is no harm that can be done. And no involved process and guesswork.