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The picture is of Ines Simpson accepting the prestigious Pioneer Hypnosis Award for her work in creating the ground breaking Simpson Protocol

Ines Simpson is  a board certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest hypnosis body in the world. Ines was the very first certified instructor for the NGH in western Canada. She owns and operates Advanced Hypnosis and Training Institute in in Parksville, British Columbia. Advanced Hypnosis offers individual services as well as advanced Omni training for hypnotists.

Ines is a great instructor because of her body of knowledge, great skill and ability to connect with people. She was also inducted in 2012 to the NGH’s Order of Braid in recognition of service to professional hypnotism. Each hypnotist inducted to the Order of Braid have enriched the lives of others and have made a significant contribution to the hypnosis profession.

Ines Simpson also created the Simpson Protocol, the only way known today to effectively communicate with hypnosis clients in the Esdaile State and beyond. For the first time, the hypnotist can converse with the client’s deepest mind to learn what the true issues are and to direct it to do what is needed to achieve the best results possible. The Esdaile State is also the launching pad into higher and deeper states of hypnosis.

“Ines Simpson is a very respected hypnotist and lecturer on the Esdaile State. [S]he is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the world.  I came away impressed with her professional expertise, but also with her character.  She never hesitates to say “I don’t know” or “Not proven yet.”  And THAT level of humility and honesty is not always present in world-class experts.”
–  H. Larry Elman

“I can now express my emotions to myself!  WOW – and because I can now do this, I was able to clear an issue with EFT.  I haven’t had an opportunity to express my emotions to someone else yet, but I have no doubt I’ll be able to do it – since I couldn’t do it for myself or someone else before.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Jan M.
(After her session which is included in Disc 2 of The Simpson Protocol Instructional Video)

“Ines, I just wanted to say how outstanding your one-day training session on working in the Esdaile state and beyond was last weekend. It really opened my eyes about an entirely new aspect of hypnosis/hypnotherapy and working with people in those deep states and the results you can get. Plus you were so kind and compassionate with those of us undergoing the experience as well as being trained in using it.  The whole thing was really mind expanding – dare I say mind blowing – and I want to thank you again for the fabulous job you did in taking us to new depths – and heights.  Looking forward to more training with you in the near future, Ines.”
– Mike Hulme, BA,DC,CHT

“This was a very powerful workshop. I cannot wait to get experience using this technique. Inez is a gifted and compassionate soul with unique teaching abilities I recommend this training highly.”
– Barbara Dailey,DNP

“Ines, thank you so much for your caring and intuitive connection with us as students. I will use this wonderful addition to the tools I already have as a hypnotherapist and in our course Ray and I teach. This brings a whole new Dimension to the ability to guide clients into healing and self-empowerment. Thank you again!”
– Joni Wilay-Zukowski

“I want to thank you for all that you do to help people to feel uplifted, positive, and whole.  You do your work so passionately and gracefully.  I thank you for taking me to a special place within my soul.  I am so grateful for having met you.

You have a very special light and you are shining it brightly and beautifully. I think it’s so wonderful that you are working with Ted, as he does so much to help people as well.”
– Glenn P.
(Glenn worked with Ted and Ines in the DVD,
Working Interactively in the Esdaile State and Beyond)