I talk about in the course to be aware that because a person is ‘relaxed’ in your chair – doesn’t mean they are deep. It depends on how he or she responds to the world.

I mention John Kappas in class ( this is when I am waving my arms around – you may recall!!) and he gave clients a little pre-test to see where they were on the scale

I don’t bother with it now – now that I am aware of the concept – and can spot the type from the way they are when they come in

But, if you are new, its a great authority builder with clients and it does help to know how this person will respond. Not just to Hypnosis but to your language and actions. Are they towards the physical side or emotional? Do they use their physicality to protect their emotions or are they physical and extroverts – and to what degree

Anyway I have attached a pdf that explains this here _PDF LINK