SP is a Holistic system, an inclusive approach to Hypnosis.

SP is a collaboration, not a one way street, between Client and Practitioner.

SP empowers the client’s Higher, Best Mind to allow that Best Part of them, to do all the work necessary for a complete and positive outcome.


A lot of things claim to be holistic of course – but what I mean here is that SP  Hypnosis takes into account and changes not just the ‘issue’ -the client’s ‘ complaint but everything that surrounds and supports that complaint , PLUS instills in the client a deep solid foundation, and checks for any other side issues, or supporting issues, secondary gain issues, – and clears them.

SP will also connect the client strongly to him or herself and give them the inner strength to have a fighting change to avoid the intake  of any further issue or issues.

Now we are humans and once one issue and its support are dealt with there is always another issue that is lurking, or another habit we engage in.

But once the initial session or sessions (maybe up to 3 – usually 1 to 2) are over the typically I will not see that client again for 6 to 9 months – and never with the same issue.

Does this make SP sound ‘magic’ too good to be good to be true. Probably – but lets consider the process.

SP connects with the ‘higher’ mind of the client and allows it to do all the work of ‘healing’ (in the largest possible sense of the word).

This higher mind or what I call (because we need a word) the Superconscious is apparently that part of our minds that seems connected (the collective unconscious?) to all wisdom and knowledge.

This is not form a faith or weird airy fairy wishful thinking thing.

I say this from experiments experiences and case studies This part of the mind appears to be able to have the power to adjust and fix whatever is the most needed by that particular client – whether they ( or I the hypnotist ) know it or not. It has nothing to with the hypnotists or the client’s conscious needs. It seems to be the  pure work of the mind – through the physical.

And we are able to reach that ‘higher ‘ part of the mind by using ‘deep’ levels of hypnosis – what is called the Esdaile state (though it doesn’t matter what name you use as the state is testable) – and from there accessing multiple ‘levels’ of the mind or whatever it is that facilitates optimum change for the client.

(Words like ‘deep’ ‘higher mind’ ‘mind levels’ etc are just word, code words used to allow the hypnotist to function in these areas. Everything, in fact, seems capable of being done by mere intent).



Using the SP Protocol and its benefits :

  • It’s very fast – The Higher Mind works everything in the most efficient way possible. Five or More issues can be cleared in one session.
  • Very non obtrusive  -the client never needs to reveal what the issue is – or even what is happening during the hypnosis session
  • It’s Client empowering – they have all the power and do all the work – and they recognize this.
  • The Hypnotist’s Judgement is taken out of the process. The higher Mind dictates what is or is not done.
  • The system allows a hypnotist to take ANYONE (99.99% if the time) to Esdaile or as close as needed within 3 – 5 minutes, and thus access this Superconscious higher mind without Conscious interference
  • And for the hypnotist, once the basics are learned – the system is wide-ranging far-reaching and easy to use for ANY issue.


Students now are using it for surrogacy with others and animals(!)

.Complete foundational Birthing, fertility sexual dysfunctional , pain management, and of course any form of trauma or mental, physical or emotional distress.

SP does not use scripts or formulas. It allows the hypnotist and the client’s mind the freedom to reach out to any issue that comes up, in the moment.

Ab-reactions are simple to handle and much less stressful for the client than normal  Regression to cause work.

Parts therapy, chair therapy, universal therapy, can all be done with a question.

I would like to say I developed this Protocol with all these factors in mind. But I didn’t. It was a process of discovery. I was looking for a process that would get the best results in the easiest and less stressful way possible for all concerned.

It is a process that depends on the open and trusting relationship between the Hypnotists and the Client’s Superconscious.

And for me I embrace it – I just don’t like long sessions and hard work!