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What Makes Simpson Protocol So Special

I would say:

Because SP is a Holistic system, an inclusive approach to Hypnosis.

A lot of things claim to be holistic of course – but what I mean here is that SP Hypnosis takes into account and changes not just the ‘issue’ – the client’s ‘ complaint’ but everything that surrounds and supports that complaint , PLUS instills in the client a deep solid foundation, checks for any other side issues, or supporting issues, secondary gain issues, – and clears them.

Simpson Protocol on-line Digital Training

Simpson Protocol on-line Digital Training

    For Simpson Protocol Practitioners and Students of Live Training The only place to get ALL things SP :   Training,FAQ, Help Line Forums,Video Sessions,Walk-Thru’s.Increase your Confidence and Proficiency with SP Learn how to increase your outcomes Increase your reach, and simplify your practice Go Month by month – cancel at any time – […]