Using John Kappas Suggestibility test in your Hypnosis

Using John Kappas Suggestibility test in your Hypnosis

I talk about in the course to be aware that because a person is ‘relaxed’ in your chair – doesn’t mean they are deep. It depends on how he or she responds to the world. I mention John Kappas in class ( this is when I am waving my arms around...
What Makes Simpson Protocol So Special

What Makes Simpson Protocol So Special

I would say:

Because SP is a Holistic system, an inclusive approach to Hypnosis.

A lot of things claim to be holistic of course – but what I mean here is that SP Hypnosis takes into account and changes not just the ‘issue’ – the client’s ‘ complaint’ but everything that surrounds and supports that complaint , PLUS instills in the client a deep solid foundation, checks for any other side issues, or supporting issues, secondary gain issues, – and clears them.

Using the SuperMind

The subconscious mind is like a video camera that has a sense of touch, smell
and taste. Everything that has ever happen to you, that you’ve felt, heard, seen,
smelled or tasted is locked permanently into the memory banks of the subconscious

We Never Forget Anything!!!! In hypnosis you have the capability (if there is
reason to) to access any of those memories in the memory bank. For example if you
wanted to re-live your first day in kindergarten you could experience it all over again.
We forget nothing at the subconscious level only our conscious mind forgets. This
is much more than recall –you experience it through your senses.